We often look at hair loss as a problem that comes with age. However, when we are affected by the condition, things tend to become more dramatic and serious. Men want to stop hair loss and prevent or eliminate baldness – this is a fact that is true no matter what state or country you are in.


The psychological problems caused by loosing hair can be aggravated in time, and lead to low self esteem and social anxiety – this is why you have to take action and stop hair loss even from the early stages.


Among the numerous hair loss treatment options, surgical procedures are the ones that require maximum patient involvement and they are the most drastic (and sometimes most effective) option to stop hair loss.

Hair transplants that eliminate baldness


When a hair transplant is started, the patient has to be willing to continue the treatment for several months, in order to get good results. The method used to stop hair loss is as follows: small hair plugs are extracted from the side or back areas of the scalp, where baldness is not present, and then implanted in the bald areas.


Scalp reduction that helps stop hair loss – does it work?


This procedure is also lined to cosmetic surgery. The side hair is pulled up, thus letting the forehead skin become tighter and eliminating wrinkles. This procedure is quite rare and it’s effectiveness as a hair loss treatment is low.


Tissue expansion


Doctors can help a patient with their baldness problem and stop hair loss by using small balloon shaped implants that are inserted into the scalp over a few months. The area of the implants becomes larger, by 25% – 30%, after which it is surgically removed, with the sides being pulled over to the top of the head.




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