7 Stages of Male Pattern Baldness

If you’re starting to lose patches of hair, or you know for a fact that your father did, it may be time to look into the different stages of male pattern baldness and get involved in counteracting or treating your own hair loss now. The popular Norwood Hamilton Scale has 7 stages which range from no hair loss to near-total hair loss. A basic version looks something like this:


7 StagesSigns
Stage 1No hair loss.
Stage 2Some hairline recession in front, slight temporal recession.
Stage 3Temporal recession increases.
Stage 4Baldness at the crown.
Stage 5Baldness at front meets crown baldness.
Stage 6Hair loss in backof head becomes more prevalent.
Stage 7Hair only at back and sides of head.

Information from: http://www.drbatras.com/en/hair-loss/male-pattern-baldness.aspx

Below you can see graphically each of the seven stages:


Norwood Scale
Norwood Scale

Read on for a more complete overview of each stage, keeping in mind that temporal recession is harder to correct than other types of recession. If you are showing signs of temporal recession in any stage, it’s important to start looking at your options now if you don’t want to get to Stage 7 and beyond.


Stage 1


Perfect, even hair growth over the front, sides, and back of the head. This one can hardly even be considered a stage since it shows no signs of hair loss, which could mean you’re going to be one of the lucky people who won’t have Male Pattern Baldness. If you’re here, enjoy your full head of hair.


Stage 2


This marks the start of hair loss with mostly minor hairline recession and the beginnings of more serious temporal recession. If you’re here, you may be getting your first taste of Male Pattern Baldness. But don’t start worrying yet—hair loss at this stage is much easier to counteract than in later stages.


Stage 3


In this stage, temporal recession picks up and you’ll probably start seeing a defined widow’s peak form at the front of your head. You may have full hair at the crown at this point, but probably not for long. If you haven’t been looking at hair loss treatments by this point, now is the time to begin.


Stage 4


At this point your hairline will continue to recede, and you’ll start losing more hair at the crown. Hair regrowth may still be possible without surgery, but you’ll have to act quickly. If you’re here, compile a list of treatment options and discuss them with a medical professional. Develop strategies to stop more drastic hair loss, since you’re probably headed there.


Stage 5


Hair loss at the front expands with hair loss at the crown. The two balding areas start to consolidate, leaving a smaller strip of hair between them. You’ve already lost a lot of hair at this point, but drastic efforts may keep you from losing more. Your treatment methods will have to become more aggressive at this point.


Stage 6


Here you start to lose the strip separating front-area hair loss from crown-area hair loss. Hair is mostly relegated to the back and sides of the head. You probably don’t have a lot of options now except a hairpiece. Come to terms with your hair loss: it’s a common part of aging, and it isn’t the end of the world.


Stage 7


Almost total hair loss with hair wrapping around the back and sides of the head. You may or may not go completely bald, but this is the end of the line for Male Pattern Baldness. Preferably you’ll develop a sense of humor or at least make your peace with it. Congratulations, as a matter of fact—your hair is now much easier to take care of.




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