Although we mostly associate hair loss to men, women hair loss problems are also quite common. In fact, about 20% of women experience some form of hair loss during their lives.


Female hair loss is even tougher to fight against than male hair loss, since this topic has a lot less coverage in both print and online media. Hair loss in women is a condition that has to be treated with maxim seriousness – and the first step is for the woman to acknowledge the problem and take the first step in solving it. A proactive female hair loss treatment is one of your best bets, since many doctors seem to ignore treatments for hair loss in women.


Hair loss in women – harder to treat than male baldness


Doesn’t sound good, but the brighter news is that the reversibility of female hair loss is a lot higher than with male patients. Finding the right female hair loss treatment should begin with eliminating all the potential underlying causes, until the actual trigger is found. Woman hair loss is usually related to hormonal imbalances.


For example, an unbalanced response from your thyroid might cause different physical responses from your body. On the other hand, female hair loss is also likely to be triggered by menopause. Some pregnant women also experience some forms of hair loss, so the potential triggers, as you see, are quite numerous.


Consult with your doctor and find a good female hair loss treatment


An educated female hair loss specialist will have a much better understanding of your problems. Try to present your doctor with a compete list of potential hair loss triggers – this will save both of you some time and will increase the chances that you get the best hair loss treatment.


Some doctors, however, even if they are specialists in male baldness, might not have a very clear understanding of female hair loss. It is your responsibility to make sure that the treatment and curing methodology they use is in accordance to the best guidelines for hair loss in women.




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