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3 Ways To Treat Hair Loss

If you’re losing hair, the first thing you should do is figure out what’s behind it. Visit your doctor for a diagnosis and keep an eye on your lifestyle habits—sometimes poor diet, physical inactivity, or a lot of stress can be behind those loose clumps of hair on your brush or pillow, or sometimes the reason is a medical one. Vitamin deficiencies (especially iron) and hypothyroidism are two common culprits. Effective treatment methods differ with various causes, so knowing your situation is integral to getting your full head of hair back. Treatments can also differ based on gender, especially if you’re looking at medication—so ask your doctor for a recommendation that’s most in line with your needs and circumstances. This article discusses 3 common treatments—and none of them is a wig or hairpiece!


Protein-Rich Diet


Hair loss often has to do with diet, so keep a close eye on yours. A healthy diet often promotes healthy hair growth. This treatment is not only effective but also quite accessible, since it can easily be done at home and it doesn’t require your doctor’s advice. In particular, make sure you’re getting enough protein. Protein strengthens your hair and eggs on growth—probably because your hair is comprised mostly of protein. Protein can be found in many foods, including but not limited to dark leafy greens, beans and legumes, nuts, seeds, tofu and other soy products, some starches (such as pasta), dairy, seafood, and poultry.





You’ll need to consult your doctor on this one since the best medication depends on a variety of factors. That said, some common medications for male hair loss are Finasteride and Minoxidil, while some common medications for female hair loss are Minoxidil 2% concentration and Aldactone. Many of these meds were developed for other health conditions before it was discovered that they also promote hair growth, but they are offered in concentrations low enough to avoid unwanted side effects. If you want to go this route for treating hair loss, be sure that your medication is preapproved by your doctor.




It sounds a little drastic, but surgery can be a godsend for people who can’t find anything else that works. Surgery is mainly used to treat Male or Female Pattern Baldness, although it can be used for other conditions in some cases. Start looking at surgery only after you’ve tried other treatments, since hair loss can be treated with more natural methods most of the time. If you’re an exception, discuss the possibility of surgery with a medical professional. Find a good surgeon so complications are less likely to arise during or after surgery. The most common surgical procedure (as well as the most recommended) is a hair transplant, during which hair is taken from another part of your body and attached to the balding parts of your head. There are experimental and less established options available, as well—but they are riskier. Again, surgery may be the right choice for you if all other options have failed, but take care in pursuing it. Make sure you’re getting the best care you can.


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