Herbal hair loss treatment is often used to reduce the negative effects of male pattern baldness. Using certain hair loss vitamin products or herbal hair loss remedies can inhibit the DHT enzyme, which is the main cause for hair loss problems, and thus will help to prevent hair loss problems, commonly associated in men.


An alternative to the chemically engineered drug finasteride (Propecia) is represented by saw pallmeto oil. The herbal hair loss treatment represented by the oil works by acting as an anti-androgenic and diminishing the effects of DHT.


Mineral and vitamin supplements to fight against baldness


Among other minerals and vitamins, para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA), folic acid, biotin, vitamin B5, and silica are supplements that help preserve the health of hair. They help the hair grow stronger and thicker and they keep strong hair pigmentation. 


Alternative hair loss treatments for men also include supplements of certain metals, such as copper or zinc. Consult with your doctor or hair loss physician for a correct dosage of copper and zinc in your diet.


Alternative hair loss treatment with Chinese medicine


Chinese medicine has been dealing with hair loss treatment issues for hundreds of years. Chinese traditional doctors believe that male baldness and general hair loss are linked to kidney problems. In order to prevent hair from falling, they recommend different kidney medications, usually made out of herb extracts.


Ayurveda alternative


Two Ayurvedic herbs are often used as alternative hair loss treatment supplements: ashwagandha and amla. Different oil types are also believed to stimulate and regenerate hair growth. 


Hopefully reading this article has given you some insight into some less popular alternative hair loss treatment options that you may not have known about, which will undoubtedly help you to fix your hair loss problem forever.




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